Our mission

The Edinburgh Centre for Financial Innovations, in collaboration with external stakeholders, exploits the big data and computational evolution in financial services for societal benefit. Using a unique interdisciplinary lens combining the physical and engineering sciences with the social sciences, humanities and the arts, ECFI engages in research addressing real world challenges facing society today, challenges that the application of finance and technology-inspired thinking within a truly interdisciplinary context can help address. These include, among others:

  • The safe and fair application of AI/intelligent/autonomous systems in the delivery of financial services and associated security and regulation issues
  • Exploiting open banking and related data frameworks to develop equitable and dynamic incentive-based data-driven solutions to address climate change
  • Addressing consumer financial insecurity and vulnerability

ECFI’s success in the pursuit of this mission is measured in the volume of innovative research publications generated through our activities and, crucially, the real-world impact they generate through the use of the insights they offer by practitioners (private and third sector), policymakers and regulators.

Financial services companies working with researchers at The University of Edinburgh explain why collaborating with members of the Edinburgh Centre for Financial Innovations is beneficial for their businesses.

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