The centre hosts a broad range of events relevant to the delivery of our mission, these range from our flagship annual FinTech conference, the Economics of Financial Technology Conference held in Edinburgh in the summer to ad-hoc public lectures and panel events offering a platform for knowledge exchange and outreach. The Centre also runs a research seminar series that hosts both internal and external researchers.

Economics of Financial Technology Conference

As rising consumer expectations continue to apply pressure on the financial services sector data-driven innovation has emerged at the top of the list of strategic initiatives of every major financial services company - it is clear that the next major phase of the digital transformation of the sector is here. Research teams from leading universities and technology and financial services companies around the world are working on exciting technologies that are at the heart of this transformation. #EFT conference offers a front row seat to the work of these teams. Held in the Edinburgh in the summer, delegates get to meet and hear from innovative research teams from world leading universities, financial services regulators and companies. Among others, presentations explore game-changing developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning, distributed ledger technologies, open banking and finance, robo-advising and the gamification of investment vehicles, peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding markets, credit risk modelling and RegTech.

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